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- Theme party should be for everyone -

Theme party


We simply love a good themed party and always find this a welcome challenge. Through decades of experience, we seem to have acquired a unique ability to collaborate with our customers to create an unforgettable themed party. Creativity with lighting technology, exciting decorative elements and empathy on the part of our employees is an important prerequisite. The possibilities for themed parties are many, but we adapt to the customer's wishes, needs and, not least, budget.


  • Gambler's night

  • Winter night

  • Oktoberfest

  • Gangster party

  • 1001 nights

  • Christmas tree party

  • Beach party

  • Casino rental

  • Lavvofest

  • Idol show

  • Masquerade party

  • Costume party

  • Cowboy party

  • Hawaiian party

  • Toga party

  • and much more



"Theme party like no other"


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