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- A kick off should be motivating! -

Kick off

Kick off

Everyone needs a vitamin injection once in a while, and more and more companies see the importance of increasing the well-being and job satisfaction of their employees in the form of a kick off. They see how closely this is linked to efficiency and production.


Are you going to launch a new service or a product?  Do you need premises, meeting rooms, several parallel sessions, day package? The questions are many. We want to find the solutions for your next kick off in Oslo.


A kick off should be motivating. Motivating the employees, from management level to the sales department and to all those in the front and back office as well as the warehouse, who make everyday life invaluable.


Do you want a kick off to create momentum, increase the joy of sales and the motivation of the salespeople, create better cohesion within the company, or simply just give the employees a little more joy in everyday life? We can deliver a kick off you won't soon forget.


We at Lyn&torden event believe that anything is possible, we believe that good, well-thought-out, well-produced and well-composed experiences act as vitamins for the soul, whether it is a company, a product or individuals that need attention.


We are the ones who really do it

Kick off in Oslo

Oslo is a great destination. Not only because of its central point inNorway, but close to the fields, the sea, city life and the big city's many opportunities.

Kick off at the concert arena

Kick off added to one of the concert arenas is a special experience.

Professional grounding with an informal setting. Do you need to sit or do you have standing places?


We can find one of the concert venues that sets the tone for your event.

Kick off at Gardermoen

A kick offat Gardermoen offers many advantages. If many of you are coming by plane, adding the event here can make the logistics easier.


Together with all destinations at Gardermoen, we want to arrange for you to find the most suitable place.


Kick off abroad

Are you thinking of adding Kick off abroad.


We would like to highlight some places without setting limitations:

- Strømstad

- Riga

- Malta


- Paris

- London


Do you have other wishes? Ask us for tips then!

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