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- Tailor-made Christmas table for memorable experiences --

Christmas party


For many, the Christmas table can quickly become the same as last year. Find the first available hotel with Christmas ribs on the menu and a free band. Sometimes it's perfectly fine, but it doesn't have to be that way. We also have extensive experience in non-traditional Christmas tables and wrapping.

We tailor the Christmas table according to your wishes so that the guests have an evening that will be memorable and full of experiences. Get in touch to find out which premises we can offer and we pictures and information about suitable and beautiful locations for your Christmas party.

Set your own limits, or let others stretch them for you.


Here are 4 examples of Christmas parties for your company.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas table at OKS

At Oslo Kongressenter, we have several beautiful premises that we use. Here it is suitable for groups of 50-800 people.


We at Lyn&torden would like to take you along and show you the possibilities the building has to offer.


Every year we put several of our Christmas tables here. The place's location and many possibilities make it very popular for julebord.

Christmas table in own room

If you are planning to arrange a Christmas party in your own room, we can provide everything you need. We are the first to arrive and the last to leave. All you need to do is show up at your own party.

- Covering, tables and chairs

- Waiters

- Catering

- Entertainment

- Technique and decor

- Implementation of the event from A to Z.

Lavvu oslo.jpg
Christmas table in Lavvo

 Christmas table in lavvo can be a different and exciting experience for many.Here are some frequently asked questions about Christmas parties in lavvo:


Where can we set up a lavvo?

Either on your own plot, we rent a place where you want, or we have a partnership with 2 fixed low-rise locations around Oslo.


Is it cold?

No, we can add heat to Lavvo if desired, otherwise we can deliver reindeer skin so it will be snug and warm to sit on. 


How many people go in a Lavvo?

The smallest is suitable from 20 people. The largest takes up to 250 people and is composed of several people.

Christmas table in the barn


Låvefest in Oslo, Sørkedalen as a Christmas party is fun, informal and nice. We can combine this with sleigh rides, activities or a suitable theme.


We cover from 30-150 people and we have several bands that play Bluegrass, country or regular party music.


How about a quick line dance course and get everyone on a wild experience?


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