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- Tailor-made company tours for your company --

Company travel in Norway


Since 1999 , Lyn&torden event has selected a selection of destinations that enable us to offer a tailored company trip and an experience that suits you and your group perfectly. We accept and adapt company trips for all sizes and purposes. It can be seg transport and accommodation for professional content, activities, experiences during the day, as well as entertainment in the evening.


Here are some destinations we offer:

  • Cool

  • Bergen

  • Lofoten

  • North-Westland

  • Narvik

  • Lillehammer

  • Finse

  • Beitostølen

  • Uvdal

  • Oscarsborg

  • Oslo Fjord

  • Hank queue

  • Koster (Sweden)

Norway is a fantastic destination for company travel!

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