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The time we are in is special for all of us. There have been constant press conferences with new recommendations and orders that we all have to deal with. 

Many people contact us for advice and tips on how to organize events without compromising the personal health and safety of the participants. Fortunately, we will soon be at the finish line! This autumn we are organizing internal events physically again and we believe that we can drop most of the measures we have had for far too long. 

We must en  always guide customers to choose safe solutions for themselves. The choices we have are therefore limited, but for some of our customers it is still a necessity to reach out with a message to employees or customers. 

We carry out these days


- Digital events where all participants follow along from a screen.

- Hybrid events where some participants sit in the hall up to statutory number restrictions, and the rest follow along from the screen. 

- Physical events where all guests are present. Here we always have strict requirements for the organizer and guests for their safety and ours. 

Contact us for more info and what we can do for you. 

Everything will be fine!

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