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Activities during an event must provide good experiences


Activities for groups and companies

On the sea


RIB is a fresh experience with lots of action that you can experience all year round. The trips can include everything from a rebus in the inner Oslofjord to long-distance trips to Denmark, with stops along the way, and accommodation. Rib can also be combined with team building.


Flyboard is an exciting and relatively new concept as a cool challenge for guests in a company along the sea or on a boat cruise in the Oslofjord. Contact us for more info.

Charter boat and boat trips

Lyn&torden event offers fantastic company trips on a boat with good food and drink, entertainment, bar and dancing. We also have boats for transport and enjoyment, from and to many great destinations on islands and locations along the fjord.

Yacht rental

Yacht rental for those who want to take business associates or good friends with them on an exclusive trip at sea. Contact us for offers and prices!


We offer indoor and outdoor climbing courses, or just a day to get an introduction to a very exciting and challenging sport. Works incredibly well as a team building exercise, and many have extreme progress in just a few hours. This is also a great team building activity. 


We can offer an experience-rich and completed day for you and your group or company. Either for an indoor competition at the great indoor facilities in Oslo, or at one of the wonderful outdoor facilities in Eastern Norway. We book events for you with golf, lunch, dinner and other desired experiences in connection with the day. Let's make this a fun team building activity.


We love motorsport and have seen how focused and eager our customers become at these events. Participate in competitions in everything from Go karts to excavators, track cars, rally, off-road driving and more. More fun team building activity is hard to find. Here, guests can unfold with speed and fun.

Water sports

Interested, organized events that will include water skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, water scooters or diving. We have our own equipment and the contacts.


Escape room

Escape activities have become so popular, among other things, because they are flexible for tailoring for your group with regard to space, time and place. The activities can be carried out wherever you are. Escape room is based on the use of a tablet, but we in  various exercises with both physical and mental challenges based on your wishes and mission for the exercises.


Offers for companies, organizations or other groups, as a change in connection with meetings, courses and conferences, customer events, team building, kick-off, blue tour, "get to know each other" event or reward event. Fun and challenges regardless of physique and age. Villmarksleir can also be combined with team building..


An incredible sightseeing experience, or perhaps a desire for action with a parachute jump? A surprise for a friend or your own desire for self-realization? Lyn&torden event tailors your trip!


Party games, team building, competitions, icebreaking? You name it, we fix it! We create team building activities that are fun for everyone.

Rebus and photo hunt

Everything from simple puzzle trails with activities such as rifle shooting, bow and arrow, tug-of-war etc. to puzzles and riddles. We have many exciting concepts. How about combining a rebus with a team building activity or in the Oslofjord on a RIB - safari?

Extreme sports

Parachuting, car racing, water and boat sports, rafting, climbing etc



Everyone must join! -Read more about team building here

RIB safari i Oslofjorden

RIB safari i Oslofjorden









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